Welcome to the Veggie-Saving Revolution

Welcome to the Veggie-Saving Revolution

Dec 27, 2023Kate Verlaan
 With 2024 just in front or us, we want to welcome you to our new blog, Slow Zero. Because moving towards a home with less waste is a process…and it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Thanks to all who voted on the name.
Our first blog is an ode to a hidden gem on planet earth, the Vejibag. 💚
Say goodbye to slimy lettuce and rubbery carrots and hello to fresh produce that stays fresh for up to TWO weeks in your fridge 🥕🥒🥦 These incredible produce bags are a gift to your refrigerator and the earth by stopping food waste in it’s tracks. Veggies will stay crisp, fresh and delicious for waaaay longer than you are used to. No more stressing about cooking your produce before they go bad....you will no longer have a vegetable ticking time bomb hanging over your head. Snag one on your next order, give them a shot and let us know how it goes! 
❓So how do they work? Just like cut flowers, vegetables need water to stay vibrant. The key to keeping veggies crisp is moisture. When damp, the cloth Vejibag keeps moisture-loving vegetables moist and crisp in a breathable but high humidity environment. Moisture slowly evaporates from the surface of the bag to circulate air and keep the vegetables “breathing.” Unlike plastic bags and containers that trap stale air and ethylene gas, Vejibags keep your produce fresh and vibrant for longer periods of time. The Vejibag's power lies in its simplicity, as it mimics the natural environment where vegetables grow, allowing them to breathe, and keeping them crisp for longer periods of time.

💚 More reasons to love Vejibags:

🇺🇸 Vejibags are sourced from local organic producers in the USA, the cotton is harvested, milled, and sewn in worker-owned co-operatives. The entire process, from spinning to knitting and finishing, takes place in North Carolina, overseen by Spiritex of Asheville. Even the cutting and sewing of Vejibags are completed in partnership with Opportunity Threads, another worker-owned facility based in Morganton, North Carolina. Thus, the Vejibag is not just a cool kitchen tool but also a beacon of ethical and sustainable supply chains.

📣 Customers are raving about how Vejibags keep their veggies fresh, even cucumbers that have been cut into and cherry tomatoes. One customer, Allyson B., says, "I have tried many different methods to keep my greens fresh, and these organic cloth bags work the best of any method. Actually, I was quite surprised to take out clean, fresh, crisp greens after so many disappointments over the years. I am really glad that I made this purchase, they have saved me from throwing hundreds of dollars of produce away.”

The Vejibag is more than just a product; it is a lighthouse for other brands to follow in the world ethical supply chains and food and plastic waste. Thank you, makers of Vejibag, for putting so much heart, soul and love for our planet in your product. 💚


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