Slow Zero 🦥 or Atomic Zero? ⚡

Nov 07, 2023Kate Verlaan
Oz Frontdoor has officially launched with more than 300 new products! We are excited and hope you have some fun checking out what we have to offer. 
Our big questions for today?! What shall we name our blog? Slow Zero or Atomic Zero?

Slow Zero, borrowed from the Slow Food cooking scene, may seem more approachable and cuts us all some slack as we gradually transition into a world with less waste.

Atomic Zero - is full of energy and references the productivity best-seller Atomic Habits. The word atomic does not have to mean speed, it could also reference single acts which make a big difference. Both blogs will contain information to help us all but with a slightly different approach and tone. 

When I tell people about the business I launched, many people say “Oh my- I am so bad. We have so much trash and plastic....we are the worst” There is a lot of guilt there. Because of this, I am leaning towards calling this blog Slow Zero--to take the pressure off and sideline some of that guilt. None of us asked for all of this plastic and packaging waste, but we got it anyway, right? 

Would LOVE to know if you have an opinion on the name for this blog. Just reply here and let me know which name you like and why. And, if you are interested in this blog in general--I would also LOVE to know what kind of information would you be MOST interested in?

💚 Tips  

✅ facts about waste/plastic

♻️ Denver and Colorado waste information/data

🌎 information/analysis about plastic and the environment

⭐️ reviews on products offered on our website and how they help you reduce waste.

🙉 🙈 🙊 All of the above? None of the above?  Let us know! 📣 Email us at with your thoughts! Or, chime in on our brand new community forum! Check it out and see what others think! 

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