Boulder Clean

Surface Cleaning Kit - Tablet Refill - Starter Kit



Tackle the greasy, grimy, sticky and icky, AND plastic waste all at the same time.

We’ve built a better cleaning system—one with uncompromising cleaning power and less plastic waste! Our eco-friendly, refillable system makes it effortless for you to clean sustainably by pairing reusable glass bottles with concentrated cleaning tablets that activate simply with tap water. Begin your zero-waste journey and clean with conscience: get your bottles once in the Starter Kit, then reuse them and and again.


Spray your way through dirt and grime with our top-notch trio of refillable cleaners. Our refillable cleaning products are formulated for effective, streak-free cleaning while reducing plastic waste. We’ve got every hard surface in your house covered—from your bathroom tile, to your kitchen counters, to your mirrors.

  • 1 packet of All-Purpose Refill Cleaning Tablets
  • 1 packet of Glass + Surface Refill Cleaning Tablets
  • 1 packet of Bathroom Refill Cleaning Tablets
  • 16 ounce Glass Cleaning Bottles x 3

How To Use

We make cleaning your home from top to bottom a simple affair. It all comes down to this easy routine: REFILL. REUSE. REPEAT.

1. Fill the bottles, a little more than half way, with warm water.
2. Drop in tablets and wait approximately ten minutes for fizz to slow.
3. Fill remainder of bottles and allow tablets to fully dissolve.
4. Use cleaner as directed.

More Reasons to Love...

+ 90% less plastic

+ Just add water

+ Dissolves in minutes

+ Easy and convenient

+ Plant-based

+ No animal ingredients

+ No dull residue or film

+ No harsh fumes