How Our Refills Work

How it works

Please read before you shop

You Shop

Shop for products in our Refill Program. Feel free to add any product on our website to your order. We deliver products to your doorstep. Delivery day in Denver is every Thursday

We pick-up

The next time you order, leave your used/empty bottles out on delivery day. Just like the milkman! If you live in an apartment, leave us instructions at checkout on where we can pick-up (or questions and we will be in touch with you)

We refill

We sanitize and refill each bottle.


Each bottle will be reused up to 100x then recycled.

Our bottles

50oz detergent bottle

At just 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this bottle packs a punch when filled with our HE detergents. 1/2 cap for Boulder Clean and 1/4 cap for Better Life

16oz & 32oz pumps

Check out our modern and minimal bottles for hand soap, dish soap and lotion. These bottles can be reused 100x but the pumps cannot. Order a pump once, save it for as long as it works and order a cap top for future orders. Our caps, but not pumps can be sanitized and reused.

16 oz & 32 oz spray bottles

For small apartments or if you just don’t clean a lot, our 16oz bottles are perfect. Most spray cleaners at the supermarket are 28oz, so ours at 32oz have a bit more capacity. Our bottles can be reused 100x but the trigger sprayers cannot. Order a trigger sprayer once and use it until it quits….simply reorder with the cap option instead of trigger sprayer option on the product page.

Durable HDPE plastic

While we have a major problem with single-use plastic, Oz is OK with all things reusable! We use HDPE (high-density polyethelyne) which can withstand the high temps of commercial dishwashing, allowing us to reuse each bottle 100X or more! HDPE is also less expensive than glass, so we don’t need to charge deposits on our bottles.

When you see this label on a container or bottle….

you will know to return the bottle to Oz to be part of our reuse process! We offer a full suite of cleaning, laundry, hand soap and dish soap from Boulder Clean and Better Life. In addition, some of our local brand partners are able to take their containers back, like candles!


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