Snag Your Bag Collab

Be Groovy -window cling


Our inner hippies need this one. No pressure. No stress. Be Groovy and Snag Your Bag.  They window clings are made of vinyl and are not sticky -they can peel on and off easily. 

Life is too short to be stressed out about remembering your reusable bags. Be Groovy and Snag Your Bag. Hope you love our happiest cling as much as we do!

So, here ya go…..a handy non-sticky, super clingy (but not in a bad way) window cling to serve as a reminder so you never, ever forget your reusable shopping bags again! 



  • Our static clings are designed to firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive.
  • Our static clings are made from a premium white vinyl, and look great on any window. Both the printed side and reverse side will cling to glass, allowing you to apply your designs inside or outside.
  • These clings do *not* leave behind any sticky residue because they use static to cling to your car window, not adhesive. Hooray for static! 
  • You can stick, peel, stick-again, peel, stick again over and over as many times as you would like. They do stay put when you stick them though, so don’t worry about this baby moving around despite it’s flexibility in the peel and stick process.


4” (W) x 5”(H)


  • Obviously, we do not recommend adhering these stickers in a place that could obstruct your view from driving. 
  • We like to put them where your mechanic puts their sticker reminding you to get an oil change OR on the inside lefthand corner of drivers side window so you can see the sticker as you leave your car. 

How to install: 

  • Simply remove the backing and stick onto your window and use your fingers to press out the air bubbles and smooth it out.
  • While not necessary, if you want to go pro, you could use a plastic putty knife to get every little air bubble out so it is completely smooth up against the glass.