Snag Your Bag Collab

Take Me With You - keychain


Keys, Wallet, Phone, BAG! Two for one, when you grab your keys…. you will automatically be reminded to grab your bag! Brilliant genius, or what?!

Our sturdy carabiner with”Snag Your Bag” engraved onto it can be clipped on to a key chain or a back pack and serve as an ever-present, conspicuous reminder to remember to Snag Your Bag. 

Attached to the carabiner is a sweet little acrylic keychain that simply says “take me with you.” Both items are included when you purchase this sweet little combo!

When your keychain arrives: there is a completely transparent sticker on the front of your keychain to prevent scratching while in transit. Please remove it upon arrival to increase the clarity of the charm itself.  

Please note: 

- All carabiners are green. Simply choose which color keychain you would like to have with it.

- This carabiner is meant to be attached to a backpack or a keychain and should not under any circumstances be used for bearing human weight (like in rock climbing!)