Who Gives A Crap

100% Recycled Toilet Paper

  • Our eco-friendliest rolls, soft and scrunchable
  • Double length rolls; 385 sheets
  • Super comfy 2 ply
  • 100% recycled paper (no virgin trees used!)
  • Biodegradable and plays well with most septic tanks
  • Carbon neutral shipping

Not Your Average TP

Our toilet paper might feel a bit different since, well, it is a bit different. Most mainstream, blanket-like toilet paper comes from destroying virgin trees — and we won’t stand for that. Instead, we’ll sit down to enjoy all the good we’re doing just by using the loo.

Why recycled?

Every day, over 1 million trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper. Such a waste! Cutting down trees just for TP is a total no-no for us. That’s why these rolls are made using 100% recycled materials. Helping to reduce deforestation by wiping your bum is what we’d call a yes-yes.

  •  long rolls
  • 385 sheets per 2 ply roll
  • 4″x 4″ sized sheets
  • Biodegradable
  • Plays well with most septic tanks
Why we love these

Toilet paper is a tough one. It’s single use by nature….which is exactly why we love this toilet paper….because it’s made out of recycled paper. Nobody chopped down any trees to create this stuff. Upcycling at its best. 

These will biodegrade in the septic system. We do not recommend home or commercial composting any product with bodily fluids. 


Customer Reviews

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Glad I was able to buy just a few rolls to try it out, as opposed to buying a whole case. There may be more sheets per roll, but they’re thinner and smaller. The rolls are a full 1/2” shorter than Charmin. While I admire the mission statement of the tp company, I probably won’t purchase this tp again, but am totally open to using the services of Oz Frontdoor.