About Us


Hi! My name is Kate. I am mom to two girls and the founder of Oz Frontdoor. A delivery service in Denver, CO that is all about making it super easy to 



🛋️ From your sofa!

We are a delivery service built to make shopping the way you want to shop as hassle free as possible! 

🍃 We have tested every product ourselves to ensure effectiveness.

⏰ And we have spent untold hours researching transformational products that can help us all reduce our household waste. We did the work so you don’t have to!

A set of beliefs also guide everything we do at Oz Frontdoor. In a world where you can get anything you want in an instant on Amazon, Oz Frontdoor is meant to counterbalance some of the harm that comes to planet earth with all of those packages.

We believe:

Impact comes first. We designed the entire company thinking about the best possible way to reduce plastic waste and have the lightest footprint possible. This is why we are not an e-commerce platform shipping items all over the world. We operate locally. Our customers are right here with us. 

Transparency is everything. It’s possible that even the word “green washing” has been green washed. We are working on a mega project to show you why we love the products we procure on Oz Frontdoor….more soon!

We give back:

We are joining the 1% FOR THE PLANET initiative and will be giving 1% of our profits back to local causes. The non-profits we choose will be local here in Colorado and we will draw suggestions from our customers. Causes we prioritize are

  1. Local clean-up and conservation efforts
  2. local environmental education efforts with kids (our planet’s FUTURE!) and,
  3. A grant program to help small business transition to plastic-free packaging.
Finally, many people ask us about our name! It originates from our belief that we have the incredible opportunity to create a new world, a metaphoric “Land of Oz.” We believe in a future world where it’s just as easy (and fun!) to shop locally and sustainably as it is to buy from Amazon. Also, when Dorothy clicks her red shoes saying “There’s no place like home” - we LOVE IT! During a time when global business titans are flying to the moon, our company is focused right here at home, planet earth.

– Kate Verlaan, Founder & CEO.