When you see this ➡️

This label means the bottle or container is reusable and can be returned to Oz Frontdoor! After the bottle or container is returned to Oz, we will send it on it’s way to be sanitized with high temp commercial dishwashing so it can be reused again. Bye-bye single use!

When it comes to climate, reuse wins on every indicator so if you are able to get this bottle back to Oz, we encourage you to do so. We hope to have drop spots across Denver in the coming year, however, for now, there are three ways to return your containers. ⬇️

There are 3 ways to return bottles and containers

If they have the above Oz yellow return tag, they can be returned.

In the Oz Return Bag that came with your order

Just leave it out on your next delivery day. Simple as that!

At our warehouse

4800 Dahlia St. Denver, CO 80216 M-F 8am-6pm. Just leave on the silver rack shelving at front entrance lobby.

Contact us

Contact us at:, send us a text to (720) 240-2096 or use the form below to coordinate pick-up of your containers.

3. Send us a note to come pick up your containers and we can coordinate directly! It’s free!

Frequently asked questions

For customers who live in apartments and condos, it might be tough to leave your product out for us to pick up on your next delivery day. We encourage you to either leave instructions when you place your order OR contact us to make arrangements to pick up your empties.

One thing that would help the most would be to introduce us to your property manager and ask for a drop spot in YOUR garage. This would be ideal for us and easiest for you! You just never know, they might say YES!

It’s OK! If you recycled an Oz container with our reusable label it will be OK! All of the containers we offer are also fully recycleable. The main issue with recycling is Denver’s dismal recycling rate, only 16%. So we will cross our fingers and hope this bottle makes it into the recycling stream and out as post-consumer waste.

In general, Oz Frontdoor must maintain good return rates to be able to honestly say that we are doing better than single use plastic. A bottle in our Oz Reusable Collection must be reused 4x to have less of an impact than a single use bottle. So, without charging deposits, we will continue to do everything we can to get our bottles back to ensure the validity of our reuse program. As a rule of thumb, a reuse program must get at least 90% of their bottles back in order to claim positive environmental benefits over single use.

We don’t say this to make you feel guilty, there are WAY worse things you could do than recycle a bottle! We just want to be clear about what we are trying to do and how you can help us get there.

Among our repeat customers in our reusable collection program, we boast a 95% return rate for our bottles. We have some die hard fans out there!