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Quick-Dry Diatomite Soap Dish


These soap dishes are made from diatomaceous clay (sand derived from fossilized algae); a completely renewable and natural resource. These quick drying stone soap dishes can absorb 150% of their weight in moisture, dry in a matter of seconds, and prevent microbial growth. 


8.8” X 2.75”

  • This soap dish will extend the life of your soap or shampoo bar by making sure it dries quickly.
  • This soap dish is double length and will hold two bars of soap and/or shampoo/condition bars. Perfect for your shower. 


Why we love it

 Your bars will last longer! Yay for saving money and wasting less. 

It’s made of sand and clay. No matter where this baby ends up at the end of it’s life, it will decompose back into the earth - as it is made of the same things earth is made of. What could be better than that?