Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets - 30 count

We’ve got them! Bluelands toilet bowl cleaner tablets! One of the world’s first plastic-free and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE toilet bowl cleaner tablets. Just drop one in your toilet, watch it fizz, and clean. Perfection. No plastic-waste!

So easy, you will never dread cleaning your toilet again.

Scent: A bright and fresh Lemon Cedar zest eliminates odors

Effective: Powers through hard water stains, rust stains, and limescale, and independently tested to perform alongside major brands

Clean Ingredients: No more harsh chemicals, harmful ingredients, VOCs or plastic packaging


Why we love them

Regular toilet bowl cleaner comes in a container made of plastic that usually cannot be recycled at regular municipal recycling facilities because the tops of toilet bowl cleaner are made of a different type of plastic than the bottle itself and this presents a problem. Most plastic bottles have removable tops, making them more likely to be recycled….but not toilet bowl cleaner. Those tops are on there and almost impossible to get off. 

Plastics can only be recycled when they are combined with the exact same type of plastic. So if the top is plastic #5 and the bottom is plastic #2 - we have an issue. We need to separate them and when they cannot be separated, they cannot be recycled.

So, let’s just SKIP THE PLASTIC ENTIRELY and get some Blueland fun fizz toilet bowl cleaners. They are just as effective and WAY more fun. KIDS and GROWN-UPS find the fizziness intensely satisfying!