Toothpaste Tablets


The Minti Way

At Minti, we create simple, science-backed solutions that turn ordinary activities into extraordinary experiences you enjoy each day. The world’s a better place with your smile in it, and we want to keep that smile healthy and strong with feel-good ingredients that protect and preserve without harming our planet. Inside this tin you won’t find any harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients—but you will find a new-take on all-natural toothpaste and a Minti-fresh reason to smile.

Toothpaste reinvented—say hi to Minti tabs. Simply pop the top, toss one in your mouth, do a quick chew, and brush like normal. Our premium natural ingredients whiten, clean, and clear away plaque, so you can stay Minti fresh all day long. Because you deserve to choose, we’ve nixed the fluoride and opted for Hydroxyapatite instead. HA helps remineralize (rebuild) your teeth without any unwanted side effects.